Presentation Convent Higher Secondary School is a Catholic Minority Institution founded in 2015 for the spread of education. The Medium of instruction is English. This Institution is run by the Education Society of the Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, to impart all-round academic, physical, moral, and spiritual education to the students. The Institution holds in high esteem the motto of its founders Blessed Mother Maria Clara and Fr. Raimundo dos Ajos Beirao as “Where there is good to be done, do it”. Students of all denominations are admitted to the school, with due respect to their freedom of conscience but they are expected to conform to the moral standards of the Institution.



The Congregation of the Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception was established in Goa in 1886 and spread from there to the various parts of the country having its headquarters at present at Clara Sadan, Bangalore.

A Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception is a person, consecrated and dedicated to following Jesus Christ and serves her brethren especially the more needy. She commits herself to witness hospitality the specific charism of the congregation which is reflected in the multiple forms of service.

As Franciscans, we follow the spirit of St.Francis of Assisi whose ideal was to live according to the gospel. These few simple words are his Rule “When the Lord gave me brethren, no one taught me what I should do but the Lord himself revealed to me that we should live according to the Holy Gospel.”(Testament of St. Francis 16 & 17). Being born and formed by the gospel the Franciscan Vocation is open to all categories of persons and to all forms of apostolic activity. The greatest motivation of St. Francis to each of us is “Hold back nothing of yourselves for yourself so that he who gives himself totally to you may receive you totally”.

The Coat of Arms of our Congregation serves as the “Arms of faith” and the seal of our Congregation has the form of a diamond-shaped shield belonging to Ladies.

In the upper part of the shield are depicted the five bleeding wounds of Christ.

To the left, in the white portion the legendary star, with one of its points directed upwards and coinciding with the vertical plane, symbolizes Mary, as does the crown above the star.

To the right, the burning lamp signifies the oil that soothes pain and wounds and simultaneously feeds the flame that gives light and warmth.

Below is the cross of Christ at the base of the shield and outside it, is an interpretation of its meaning is the motto “LVCERE ET FOVERE.”

LVCERE meaning to illuminate, enlighten, teach the doctrine by the example of one’s life.

FOVERE its meaning is to warm, to bear with, to stimulate, to encourage, to fondle, soothe call for. For the Franciscan Sister, two ideas united in one are represented by the burning lamp, for Christ said “Keep your loins girded and your lamps burning.”


Character of the School

Presentation Convent Higher Secondary School is a School recognized by the Government of Goa, run by the Catholic Minority. The school is open primarily for Catholic students, however, non-catholic students are also admitted while keeping the Christian character of the institution. We consider it is our duty to respect the religious beliefs of the other students.

We conduct classes for Std. XI to XII. At the end of Std. XII students appear for the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination conducted by Goa Board of Higher Secondary Education.

The Franciscan Hospitaller Sister’s aim at smarting a good all-round education. It has a permanent and dynamic process that aims at helping the students to fulfill herself as a person responding to the challenges of her human vocation and identifying herself progressively with the New Man, in her triple relationship with God, with the other in the world.

We aim at the integral and personal formation of the students by giving them an education that is morally, physically, and mentally sound in keeping with the national aspirations we help the students to become mature, spiritually oriented persons of character, actively useful and worthy citizens of India.

Besides catering to the scholastic needs of our students, we attach great importance to Physical Training, Sports and Games, and other co-curricular activities. Through such programs and competitions children display their talents and are helped to discover their potentials.